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Teeth LED Lamp Japan Party

Teeth LED Japan Party - Bright white teeth smile would make more captivating than a dull teeth. Japanese teenagers have unique trends to get a brilliant smile. Teeth dental lamp or LED, Light Emitting Diode (LED) is a semi-conductor light sources affixed to the teeth (such as braces), so it can fire when the user smiles.

Quoted from page MailOnline dental light users can get a wireless handheld computer that is used to control lights, make a tooth change color, for example from green to red, or even make it blink.

This fashion accessory was created by two Japanese designers and is used in commercial advertising sales Laforet Harajuku clothes for winter. Motoi Ishibashi and Daito Mababe who created this technology to make video 'Party in Your Mouth' in which a group of school children show off their colored teeth.

The initial idea of the technology smile 'LED' is shown when Ishibashi see the video 'LED Throwies', tiny lights embedded in the magnet and then dumped on the surface of the metal. "It's like graffiti on," says Ishibashi.

It seems that the trend in Japan is creative, you are interested in trying?

Kawat Gigi LED Jepang

Kawat Gigi LED Jepang - Anda ingin memiliki kawat gigi berwarna-warni? Kini, telah hadir kawat gigi atau begel yang dilengkapi lampu warna-warni LED. Demikian dilansir The Star, Kamis (14/4/2011).

Teknologi ini berasal dari Jepang dan sudah ada di Malaysia dan kapanpun si pemilik tersenyum dan giginya akan berkilau. Seorang penjual produk mengatakan jika kawat gigi ini sangat populer di Jepang.Gigi LED ini juga bisa diatur melalui perangkat wireless untuk mengubah-ubah warna cahayanya. Dengan demikian, senyuman si pemakai bisa tampak berwarna-warni mulai dari warna hijau hingga ungu, atau terlihat berkedap-kedip. Wow!

Produk ini kebanyakan dipakai oleh para siswi sekolah. Mereka menyebut tren ini sebagai 'party in your mouth'. Nah, apakah Anda tertarik menggunakannya juga?

Bahkan, ada pesta yang dilaksanakan di Tokyo yang seluruh orang yang para clubber-nya menggunakan begel LED.
Sumber : Tribunnews

New York BlackBerry Messenger PIN exchange

New York BlackBerry Messenger PIN exchange - Ladies & Gentlemen,
looks like BlackBerry has recently won some market share in the mobile phone segment and this application is one of the more popular ones...
Exchange PINs for network, leisure or potentially work purposes...
either PM or leave it on the thread....
don't forget to inform the person who you are on your invite
.....i guess i have to start the ball rolling then?

PIN Blekko @ 316a3c9f
don't flood me!!!!

Wifi on macbook pro - connection timed out

Wifi on macbook pro - connection timed out
I'm a new mac user and i got a 15" new macbook pro recently. I use it to connect to internet wirelessly as the router is 2 rooms away. But i notice that the internet connection will "die" whenever i leave the comp idling for a while or when i restart the comp. When i try to reconnect the wifi connection, it'll keep saying connection timed out. Sometimes the connection returns when i close and opens the airport but not always. This is most aggravating.

Anyone knows if this is normal? Do i have a faulty unit or this is a bug?

I use it in the office. Office is very small though, just a room with a few partitions. The macbook is about 2-3 partitions away from the router. I can't replicate the problem when i'm near the router but not all of the computers here (around 5 laptops are wirelessly connecting to it, 2 pcs are wired to it) are switched on atm because it's still early. But there are 2 windows-based laptops that are even further away than mine and they do not have this problem. I was also using a windows laptop before this at the same spot with no problems with the same internet connection.

My macbook is up to date. Router is dlink 2640b. I'm not sure how to go about setting the static ip and don't have another router to test.

Thanks for the replies. I'll see if i can figure out the settings of the router to change wireless channel or set the ip.

you have to run a few tests to determine the problem.

1. how many walls are between your laptop and your router?
2. does this happen when you're next to the router?
3. does this happen with other laptops at the same distance?
4. what brand of router are you using?
5. are there other computers sharing the same router?
6. try setting up a static ip instead of DHCP because macs sometimes select the same IP during DHCP with other computers and causes connection lost.
7. run software update.
8. test it with another router.

Asia Runs Out Of IPv4 Addresses

Asia Runs Out Of IPv4 Addresses - The writing's been on the wall for some time, although it's anticipated Asia would be the first to deplete its IPv4 pool. More precisely, Asia Pacific Network Information Centre, one of the five Regional Internet Registries charged with the distribution and management of IP addresses, is almost out of IPv4 addresses. And whatever little addresses the company has left in its tanks are reserved for start-up network operators.

NETWORK WORLD - The Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) has run out of all but a handful of IPv4 addresses that it is holding in reserve for start-up network operators. APNIC is the first of the Internet's five regional Internet registries to deplete its free pool of IPv4 address space.
With APNIC's recent depletion of version 4's address space, maybe it's time for corporations and their CIOs to take a long hard look at IPv6 instead of procrastinating migration plans any further. For more details on this story, click here.

Sex & Zen 3D Version Live in Hongkong

Sex & Zen 3D Version Live in Hongkong - Sebuah film porno yang dibuat dalam format tiga dimensi (3-D) mulai ditayangkan secara luas di Hong Kong, China pekan ini. Ini adalah film porno pertama yang dibuat dalam format 3-D dan ditayangkan melalui bioskop.Film berjudul Sex & Zen: Extreme Ecstasy, dibuat dalam bentuk 3-D setelah industri film diracuni oleh keberhasilan film 3-D seperti Avatar yang sukses besar. Bermaksud untuk mengikuti keberhasilan film Hollywood itu, perusahaan film di Hong Kong kemudian membuat film porno beformat 3-D ini.

"Jangan melihatnya sebagai film yang erotis atau jijik untuk melihatnya," ungkap sutradara film tersebut Christopher Sun seperti dikutip Reuters, Jumat (15/4/2011).

"Anggap saja film ini sebagai film dewasa yang menghibur," ucap Stephen Shiu sutradara film asli dari Sex & Zen pada 1991 silam. Shiu sendiri adalah ayah sang sutradara film Sex & Zen versi 3-D ini.

Film yang menghabiskan dana USD3 juta atau sekira Rp25,9 miliar (Rp8,665 per dolar) ini, memulai produksinya pada Agustus tahun lalu di Hong Kong. Film ini dipenuhi dengan adegan komedi dan skenario seks yang dinilai lebih lembut dibandingkan film porno pada umumnya.

Students in uniform 'frozen' in lip-lock in public for more than 5 minutes

Students in uniform 'frozen' in lip-lock in public for more than 5 minutes - This couple in their school uniforms was caught kissing in Pasir Ris West by STOMPer Slothkissers. The couple was not moving and held the kissing pose for at least five minutes, said the STOMPer.

The STOMPer said:

"I spotted a couple openly making out on a bench somewhere in Pasir Ris West.

"My friends and I walked past this couple in a full white uniform, from a school in the east. We noticed they were kissing but they weren't moving at all!

"They were lip locked and had their eyes closed but their mouths weren't moving. They remained 'frozen' in lip lock for the next 5 min.

"We were staring and laughing loudly at the weird sight. When we walked away, they were still kissing but not moving!! How odd!"
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MSI Introduces the MSI N570GTX Twin Frozr III Power Edition

MSI releases the N570GTX Twin Frozr III Power Edition graphics card. The new graphics card not only features the latest Twin Frozr III dual fan cooling module but also exclusive Propeller Blade technology for 20% more airflow. Under full load, these reduce the GPU temperature by 18?C and fan noise by 7.7dB compared to the reference board. The popular Power Edition architecture from R6950 Twin Frozr III Power Edition has also been retained. The use of 6+1 phase power supply and Triple Overvoltage support enhances overclockability and stability, increasing the overclocking potential by 22%! For consumers looking for great cooling, overclocking potential and stability, the N570GTX Twin Frozr III Power Edition offers the perfect balance between performance and cooling.

20% More Air Flow with Exclusive Propeller Blade Technology

The MSI N570GTX Twin Frozr III Power Edition graphics card is equipped with the latest Twin Frozr III dual fan cooling module with MSI's innovative Propeller Blade technology. Channels on the edge of the fan blades expand coverage and increases air flow by 20% compared to conventional fan blades. Combined with the twin 8cm temperature controlled fans, heat pipe technology, large-area nickel-plated copper base and high-density fins, the Twin Frozr III cooling design excels in thermal performance, reducing GPU temperature by 18?C and noise by 7.7dB under full load when compared to the reference board.

MSI has also taken different user preferences into consideration and includes an exclusive P/S Switch function for controlling the speed of the dual fans. Under performance mode the maximum load temperatures are kept in check, while silent mode emphasizes low noise output. Regardless if games are being played or movies are being watched, the perfect balance of noise control and outstanding cooling performance are guaranteed.
Power Edition Architecture Boosts Overclocking Potential by 22%

The Power Edition architecture returns for the N570GTX Twin Frozr III Power Edition graphics card. The 6+1 phase power supply design offers 40% more power than the reference board to ensure stability, even when overclocked. Support for Afterburner's Triple Overvoltage function means GPU/Memory/PLL2 voltages can be adjusted to fully unleash the graphics card's overclocking potential and boost performance by up to 22%!
Handpicked Components for the Best Quality

With their military class components representing the best quality and stability, MSI Military Class graphics cards have won the support and trust of enthusiasts. MSI has now introduced Military Class II components for even better performance, including Tantalum Core solid state capacitors with up to 8 times the lifetime, SFC high-performance choke for 30% more power and solid capacitors for 10 years of service life. MSI Military Class components provide graphics cards with the best possible quality and stability.

The N570GTX Twin Frozr III Power Edition features many exclusive features such as the Twin Frozr III cooling design, 6+1 power supply, Triple Overvoltage support through Afterburner and the latest Military Class components to provide consumers with new features and extreme overclocking potential.

Naked Singapore Facebook girl appears on Apple Daily HK

Naked Singapore Facebook girl appears on Apple Daily HK - passerby19999 was shocked when he saw a nude photo of this girl, who is apparently Singaporean, online. He is appalled by what some youths would do to get attention.

Said the STOMPer:

"I came across this girl's profile and was extremely appalled.

"I never expected this from a Singaporean because we are Asians after all.

"Has she no sense of shame? She looks as though she is proud of her assets.

"The girl is definitely very brave but does she know about the consequences of such actions?

"She even listed bang bros as her employer and it is actually a porn website.

"Is this how the younger generation try to get attention -- to show off whatever they have?

"Really foolish. We need to educate the public about the impacts of their actions."

Thursday, April 14: Filming Locations in NYC, L.A. & more including ‘The Mentalist’, ‘Extremely Loud’, & ‘New Year’s Eve’

Thursday, April 14: Filming Locations in NYC, L.A. & more including ‘The Mentalist’, ‘Extremely Loud’, & ‘New Year’s Eve’ - Here’s a look at what’s filming on location Thursday, April 14, 2011:
Filming in Albuquerque:

•The Avengers is currently in pre-production at Albuquerque Studios AND Universal Studios in L.A., principal photography begins the week of May 1.

• Breaking Bad is filming in studio (Albuquerque Studios).

•In Plain Sight is filming at the Albuquerque Little Theater, 224 San Pasquale Ave SW.
Filming in Los Angeles, CA:

•Entourage is filming in a condo in the vicinity of Hollywood Blvd and Highland Ave all week. (Thanks @goforlocation)

•BFF is filming at 1360 E 6th St (7:00 A.M. – 7:00 A.M.) and 2017 E 7th St (5:00 A.M. – 10:00 P.M.).

•The Mentalist is filming at the Palms Center. (Via @goforlocation)

•Holt & Randy, another pilot, is filming at 6040 Sunset Blvd in Hollywood all week. (Via @goforlocation)

•Wrong is filming at 1170 Steuben in Pasadena through 4.19 and on the corner of Steuben St & Michigan Av on 4.20-22. (Thanks S Wong)
Filming in Quincy, MA:

•Here Comes The Boom, starring Kevin James, is base camped at the old Quincy High School at 45 Coddington St, Quincy, MA.
Filming in New Orleans:

•Memphis Beat is filming around Tchoupitoulas St and Terpsichore St.
Filming in New York City, NY:

•Are We There Yet is filming in studio (300 Stillwater, Stamford, CT).

•Arbitrage, starring Richard Gere and Susan Sarandon, is filming around West 58-62nd St between 6th and 5th ave NYC. (Thanks RL and @ChrisNYC1)

•The Big C is filming in their studio (650 West Ave, Stamford, CT).

•Blue Bloods is filming around Morningside Ave and 126th/127th.

•Boardwalk Empire is filming in their studio (Steiner Studios).

•Bored To Death is filming around 45th and Park. (Thanks @xxorebecca92)

•Damages is filming around E 16th and 2nd/3rd. There were also signs spotted around Hester and Ludlow. (Thanks Peter and Steph)

•Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is filming around Broadway and 71st. (Thanks Emma and Tata)

•Law and Order: Criminal Intent is filming around Morris Park Ave and Seminole Ave in Bronx.

•Law & Order: SVU is filming around Morningside Ave and 126th/127th.

•Louie is filming around W 37th and 9th/10th.

•Men In Black 3 is filming at Van Nest Lanes in the Bronx. (Thanks @eellebanna, @rolandopujol, Aviane)

•New Year’s Eve is filming at E 47th and 1st/2nd.

•Prime Suspect, a new pilot starring Maria Bello, is filming around 26th/27th st and 11th ave in NYC. (Thanks @ChrisFlinn)

•White Collar is filming around 27th Ave and 14th St in Astoria.

•Royal Pains is filming at Oheka Castle.

•Norton is filming on Park Place and 6th/7th Ave in Brooklyn. (Thanks @onlocationtours)
Filming in Oahu:

•Hawaii 5-0 is filming at Aliiolani Hale on King Street. This is their last day of filming.
Filming in Vancouver:

•Breaking Dawn continues filming around Vancouver, production wraps on Friday! Check out our Breaking Dawn Open Thread to get all of the details, see the latest pics and news, and to discuss the movie and its locations with other fans!

Sources :

Catherine Zeta-Jones Hospitalized for Bipolar Disorder

Catherine Zeta-Jones Hospitalized for Bipolar Disorder - Catherine Zeta-Jones and Judy Greer join “Playing the Field”.Rumor has it that an Oscar winning actress will be joining the cast of “Playing the Field”, a comedy starring Gerard Butler as a youth soccer coach who gets romantically entangled with various women in his neighborhood.

According to The LA Times Catherine Zeta-Jones and Judy Greer have each signed on to play neighborhood women who have the hots for Butler’s character who moves to the suburbs in order to be closer to his kids.

The cast also includes Uma Thurman as another wife who’s attracted to Butler’s character, Dennis Quaid as Thurman’s husband, and Jessica Biel as Butler’s estranged wife.

Playing The Field is currently filming in Shreveport, LA. If you spot Catherine, Judy or any of the cast in town, let us know at!

The film is being directed by Italian moviemaker Gabriele Muccino and is slated for a 2012 release.
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